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Types of Cloud Computing and its Advantage

Cloud computing is one of the most popular trends in modern IT sector. Cloud computing technology allow to the users that use of the Internet to access software and IT resources from cloud server instead of local data storage. Cloud computing offers several types of advantage for the users to use the services that include many benefits like, IT infrastructure, software, increase or decrease hardware resources etc. These services created and provided by the service provider, you do not need to purchase additional IT infrastructure for use at your own premises. Cloud Computing works on as a pay-per-use model and available on- user’s demand. You pay only for the resources you use. You not need to set up the own IT infrastructure or buy the software. Cloud computing is typically classified in two ways:

·       Location of the cloud computing
·      Type of cloud services offered

Location of the cloud computing
Location of the cloud typically classified in the following three ways:

1.      Public Cloud: In public cloud, the resources of users are hosted on the vender premises and computing infrastructure is shared between many organizations. The data, however, for each organization is kept separate. It is available in more cheaply than private cloud.

2.      Private Cloud: Private cloud is little bit expensive but more secure than public cloud. With private cloud, the cloud computing infrastructure is dedicated to a single organization and computing resources is not shared with other organization. User can install several application on private cloud and uninstall the software anytime if required.

3.       Hybrid Cloud: A Hybrid Cloud is a combination of Private Cloud and Public Clouds. There needs to be resources shared among the Clouds. User can use both private and public clouds, depending on their needs.

Types of cloud services offered:

Based upon the services offered, cloud computing are classified in the following ways:

  Software as a Services (SaaS): this is the most popular technology among the businesses. The business data and application run on the server living somewhere on the cloud network, not through an application running on the user’s local computer. The software is develop by the service provider while the end user can configure it according to their need. The user cannot change or modify the software. Google Doc or One drive is the best example of SaaS. These are cloud base software and provides backup service that help to users back up their data on cloud platform.

   Platform as a Service (PaaS): This types of cloud service offers to users for different purpose. PaaS adds support for development (language and application technology) environment, wherefrom developer build, host and test application from anywhere. It is very customizable, the users data or storage space may be easily increase or decrease per the requirement of the application.

 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): IaaS offers IT infrastructure on user’s demand. The infrastructure set up can be anything from application server to storage servers or operating systems. The Office 365 is the best example for the IaaS, where user get several of application along with storage space. The traditional models of infrastructure can be very expensive but with IaaS technology you can save a lot of unwanted expenses. The cloud service provider take care all of the cloud infrastructure stuff according to your requirement in affordable price.

Thus, with cloud computing you will get several of benefits such as a remote accessibility, reduce IT cost, data security, 24x7 technical support and quick re provisions.

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Five Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

The local IT infrastructure for application or data hosting is an outdated technology. Now days cloud computing based hosting is a most popular technology among the business. Cloud based technology have improved in million way. Seeing this improvement, many businesses and standalone users have accepted as a mainstream solution. Many cloud security broker have disclose their annual report that cloud base application adoption is more vogue by the end of the year.

So the huge demand of user, many cloud hosting provider offer to their customers the various server types such as dedicated server hosting and shared server hosting. With dedicated servers hosting you would have full access on your cloud server and you will have permission to load multiple application or add-ons using your own server. But shared server hosting is different things, where you can work and load limited application. In other words, choosing a dedicated server hosting means that all resources of the server are to only one business which does not serve any other. Between these choices, the dedicated server hosting is better than shared server hosting. The security and performance of dedicated server is good and user can work on it without any doubt.

The dedicated server hosting enable a numbers of advantage for the users, such as-

Get entire server resources: Instead of share server, a dedicated server hosting allow all the resource of servers to one party. Which means the users can use the complete resources of server like storage drive, processing speed, memory and internet bandwidth, even users will have full permission to make changes and install or uninstall the hosted application on cloud dedicated server anytime if needed.

Don’t worry about security: When we talk about application hosting, the data security has always comes on the top concern among the business. The dedicated server hosting can remove the security related concern. With own server you have complete privilege of setting up the security factors as you want. But shared server you will have limited privilege and always be fear of security concern.

Flexibility: With dedicated server hosting you can get more customize feature to setup the server. A dedicated servers hosting allow organizations to customizable server environment that suitable their needs. Users can choose the platform and software they really need.

No overhead for purchasing equipment: If user keep their data on local server platform and want to move on cloud server but doesn’t have time or IT expert to manage the server, In this case they do not need to worry about that. A cloud hosting provider handles the cost of server equipment who reducing the overhead for a business purchasing server hardware equipment and storage drive.

Unique IP address: Each virtual server have unique IP address. Where the shared server uses by multiple clients that means your cloud server IP address share with multiple website or can be spam with other, which is not secure for your critical data. With dedicated hosting you have own server with own IP address and you can work on it without any fear.

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