3 Reasons to Choose Cloud Accounting Over Desktop

So why should you choose cloud accounting over desktop applications? Why not just use the desktop version of QuickBooks, Drake or Sage? Why go for QuickBooks hosting, Drake hosting or Sage hosting? Why go for cloud-based solutions?
Indeed. There are 3 big reasons why you should choose cloud accounting services such as QuickBooks hosting over the desktop version of the same software. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Reason #1: Cost Advantages– The problem with maintaining a desktop version of accounting software is that, you will need to pay for the hardware infrastructure needed to maintain it. You will have to pay for the software upgrades and hire a dedicated IT team to manage the whole system.

This is not the case with cloud accounting. You don’t have to worry about the software upgrades or the IT support – that’s taken care by the cloud computing company. You don’t have to buy any hardware, servers or IT infrastructure. All you need is a laptop on which to launch the application which would grant to access to a remote server. All of this is available for a relatively minor monthly fee. You can scale up or scale down your plans as needed and go for a pay-as-you-go model.

Reason #2: Speed and Performance – The problem with the desktop version of accounting software such as QuickBooks is that the speed and performance of the application is directly dependent on the configuration of the local system. So if you have powerful servers, that will certainly deliver the speed and performance that you expect. But there will be a number of people working in your firm, providing them all with powerful systems would be prohibitively expensive. Also, sharing files can be a problem and email communications are often messy.

What about cloud accounting? With Cloud accounting, the speed and performance of the accounting depends squarely on the cloud computing company, or the hosting provider. If the hosting service is one with a reputation for delivering high performance services with a high guaranteed uptime, then you have nothing to worry about the speed of the application.

However, if you sign up with a hosting provider that is not up to the mark, then the performance delivered will not be good enough. So as long as you sign up with a fast and reliable hosting provider, your accounting needs and those of your team members will be met easily.

Reason #3: Future Proof – The problem with the desktop version of accounting software is that you will need to keep updating it constantly. Eventually, the hardware will not be able to keep up with the new software upgrades, so you are forced to change the hardware as well.

Cloud accounting, on the other hand, is future proof. The hosting provider takes care of all software upgrades and delivers them to you at no extra cost. This ensures that all of your accounting requirements will be met, now, and in the future as well.

For the three reasons stated above – cost advantages, speed and performance and free software upgrades, cloud accounting is a much better solution than the desktop version of accounting applications. 

Preparing for the Next Tax Season

April 15 is long gone, as is the tax season. But the thing about taxes is that you are never quite done with them. The tax season will come back soon enough and you will find yourself struggling with deadlines. The best way to avoid feeling the stress during the tax season is to start preparing for it well in advance.
There are certain things about the tax filing process that does not change with time and remains the same year after year. Here are some of the tips you should follow to prepare for the next tax season.
1. Prepare an Income Projection Statement
Salaried professionals generally find it easier to estimate the salary hike for the forthcoming year, as their salaries follow a fixed pattern. This may not be so easy for self-employed professionals and business owners.  Nevertheless, you should make it a point to calculate your income and prepare an income project statement for the rest of the year. It is important that you are well informed about the tax structure. Being well informed allows you to plan tax savings and deductions more efficiently, without leaving it all for the last minute.
2. Pick a Tax Software for Finance Tracking
Have you considered investing in a tax software? If you haven’t already, then you should. You should track the financial transactions for the entire year and be ready with the invoices for each of them. Tax and accounting software such as QuickBooks record all transactions and ensure that by the time the tax season comes along and you’re required to file your tax return, you will have all the data at your disposal.  You shouldn’t wait for the last moment to invest in an accounting and tax software, you should do so at the earliest. In fact, the best way to get access to the latest tax software is to invest in QuickBooks hosting. QuickBooks hosting is cheap, accurate and efficient and prepares you well in time for the tax season ahead.
 3. Interact with Your CPA
You should have a running conversation with your CPA. You shouldn’t leave communication with your CPA to the last minute. In fact, calling up a CPA just when there are just a few days to go to the end of the tax deadline is something a lot of people do, and this is often to their detriment. CPAs are under a lot of pressure in the closing days of the tax season, so make it a point to call them up as early as possible. This way they will be able to dedicate themselves to the task at hand without worrying about the looming deadlines.
 4. Stay Up To Date with the Latest Tax News and Trends
As a taxpayer, you should be knowledgeable about the latest tax news. You should subscribe to a number of online and offline resources and catch up on the latest tax trends on popular websites. You should be conversant about the latest accounting and tax preparation techniques and technologies such as cloud accounting. You should be aware of the looming deadlines and the various tax penalties imposed by the IRS.
We hope you found this blog post informative. Follow the tips given here to prepare for next year’s tax season and leverage the power of QuickBooks hosting for maximum benefit.

The Right Way to Switch to the Cloud

Cloud technology has today become accepted as the best way to streamline accounting operations and to take advantage of features such as anytime/anywhere access, more effective collaboration, enhanced data security, protection against data loss and lower costs of operations.

Many accounting firms and SMBs that have switched to the cloud already have benefited greatly from having to spend next to nothing on setting up an IT infrastructure, latest software upgrades and the maintenance of the system. Almost every business is today on the cloud and cloud computing has become an integral part of the industry. It’s no longer a matter of “if” a business would want to get on the cloud, but “when” it would get on it.

If your business is not on the cloud already and you are considering your options before signing up for cloud hosting, it is important that you should do your research first on all the cloud hosting providers before signing up with any of them. It is often a frustrating task to choose the right cloud hosting company, especially for QuickBooks hosting, given that there are so many of them in the industry.

That’s why is it important that you should exercise due diligence and switch to the cloud in a methodical manner. Let’s quickly look at how to choose the right way to move to the cloud. Here are the three factors to consider before signing up with any cloud accounting provider.

1.    Data Security
There is nothing more important than the security of your data. Your data is your most valuable asset. An accounting firm or a small business deals with complex financial transactions, where the sanctity of the data is paramount. Data theft can put your entire business at risk and put an end to your operations. Does the cloud accounting company value your data as much as you do?  The only way to find out is to ask for a demo and sign up for a trial offer. Also, check the background of the cloud hosting provider and decide for yourself if you would be comfortable with them handling your data, which is so critical to your business.

2. Affordability
When choosing a cloud hosting service, you will want to know about the financial benefits of signing up with them. Would you be achieving any cost savings by signing up with the cloud hosting company? What about the processes used by the hosting service? Do they have processes in place to ensure that you get a high quality of service at minimum cost? Do they offer flexible plans and allow you to scale up your plans or scale down, depending on the current requirements of your business? Do they allow you to pay your fees on a pay-as-you-go basis? These are some of the things to consider before signing up with a cloud computing company for QuickBooks hosting.

 3. Understanding of the Business
How well does the cloud hosting service provider truly understand your business? It is not enough to sign up with any cloud computing company. You should sign up with one that truly understands accounting and the accounting requirements of CPA firms and small and medium sized-businesses.

4. Wrap Up
There is no point in signing up with a company that has no idea of the complexity of your accounting needs. The only way to find out if the cloud hosting service meets your requirements is to ask to talk with one of their top executives and address your concerns to them.

Top 10 reason why accounting professional use QuickBooks

QuickBooks is financial accounting software developed by Intuit Inc.’s to manage payroll, inventory sales and other needs of a small and mid-sized business. The software has built in with advance feature including marketing tools, merchant services, training solution, product and supplies. All features are designed according to different businesses and their needs. Intuit offer industry specific version of QuickBooks such as QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise editions and release new version of QuickBooks every year, each version of the QuickBooks software offers different features to meet the specific needs of your business. The QuickBooks product also available in two other country Canada and UK. Here are the top 10 reasons why should be using the QuickBooks to financial purpose……

1.QuickBooks have designed to facilitate accounting team and allow them to save their time on bookkeeping and paperwork because most of the accounting task are handled automatically making it easier to run their business.
2.With QuickBooks you can easily generate the reports with the information according to your needs.
3. The accounting software is available in affordable price you can use it and save the money because many accounting features are automated in QuickBooks. The desktop version of QuickBooks is really one of the great bargains in business.
4.QuickBooks is more flexible software. It works for one user as well as businesses with multiple users. QuickBooks also has many add-ons available for specialized businesses such as Retailers, Health Care Professional, contractor and Non- Profit organizations.
5. It is reliable, stable and extensive software wherever a lot of businesses throughout the world have chosen the QuickBooks software as per their requirement. Once you choose the application you will always feel more comfortable working on accounting entries.
6.QuickBooks can save your time because it can share information with over 100 businesses application including MS World, Excel, Outlook and ACT. QuickBooks not only save time with you, it also can reduce the risk of errors since the software handles the work for you.
7.With QuickBooks you do not need to spend money on envelopes, stamps or paper checks to send the invoices. You can integrate QuickBooks with your bank account and handle all of your billing online.
8.With QuickBooks merchant account you can easily accept the Credit Cards. QB Merchant account Services is the credit card acceptance service integrated with QuickBooks software. Using QuickBooks user can download banking and credit card transactions details; QuickBooks keeps your record up to date. You or your other user can use Visa, American Express or Master Card.
9.QuickBooks online payment system provides you a better and faster service. Your customer can easily pay you with a credit card or through bank account transfer. With QuickBooks software you do not need to wait for cheque or cash.
10.You can change colors on your QuickBooks desktop, and add your custom logo to estimates and invoices, design custom forms with free backgrounds available from its online library.

The Major Benefit of QuickBooks Remote Hosting


Most of the companies use QuickBooks application to organize their business and financial information all in one place. This program can be very useful if you consider the QuickBooks remote access. There are many advantages of QuickBooks Remote Hosting:
Anytime Anywhere Accessibility:  QuickBooks Remote Hosting allow users to access their company file anywhere anytime through any network devices such as Windows PC, MAC, iPhone or Android devices, this means you can access your data from your work office or home using laptop or PC with internet connectivity.
Reduce IT Costs and Maintenance: Many companies spend a lot of money on IT infrastructure and technical guys to manage their IT department. But if you want to move your data on hosting company’s servers then your IT cost will dip down and save you a big amount of money. This means you do not need to invest a large amount in IT management. If you think about QuickBooks Remote Hosting then you will get all time access with IT professional’s teams who can quickly assist if you are having any problems.
Security and Reliability: Suppose you are working on entire days to manage your financial calculation, suddenly power fails or your office server goes down; in this case you will lose all your entries. QuickBooks cloud hosting companies provide complete availability of client data despite any mishap or any natural calamities. The hosting company puts your data on multiple location to avoid any disaster. Most of the hosting providers setup a daily backup on your QuickBooks database so that they can restore your entries if you ever lose a grip on your data or corruption in company files.
Printing Solutions: QuickBooks hosting provider installed universal printer software on your server, so that you can use all of your local printers on your server to get the print job done. The universal printer is compatible with all kinds of local printers at the client ends and supports any kinds of operating systems like: Windows, MAC and Linux.

Free Technical Support: The hosting company also provide 24x7x365 technical support via phones, chat, emails and remote assistance without any cost.

How to choose best QuickBooks hosting provider

QuickBooks Hosting Providers are third party MSPs who offer hassle free QuickBooks Hosting service to accountant, CPA, and Bookkeepers. The QuickBooks hosting service is not only for CPA, Bookkeeper and accountant Professionals but it has also been utilized by many small and medium size firms over the word. Many businesses are using QuickBooks Hosting service without paying any extra fees because these hosting providers reduce their overall IT cost as well as management burdens. Now days QuickBooks hosting has been very flexible and it allows users to access their QuickBooks company data from any corner over the world. QuickBooks Hosing is the best solution for the remote access requirement.
There are many MSPs who are offering QuickBooks in cloud hosting services; they also provide many other application hosting services such as ATX, Sage 50, Lacerte, Proseries and Drake applications. These third party MSPs have their own dedicated data centers and they provide the hassle free QuickBooks hosting services with great 24x7 technical support. There are many things to be aware of when we choose a MSP as our hosting providers. Like, IT cost, user’s feedback, security, reliability and backup procedure to avoid any disaster. Many hosting providers have good practice but here are some concern should not be ignored while choosing a good provider to host your company data.
1 Free technical support: most of the hosting provider have free technical support and they provides sincerely but you should ensure that if they provides 24X7 technical support or not, because you should have a peace of mind while working late in night or holidays.
2 Easy ways to access the books: Before going for the sign up, make sure you have an easy access to the MSPs servers without using any additional software to avoid any additional expenses. This is also highly recommended when you switch your computer or laptop or work from office and home. If hosting provider use a system default tools to connect to the server it will be automatically available on each computers or laptops and you can easily connect to the server from anywhere without any technical expertise.
3 Free data backup: Most of the hosting provider avails a free data backup but you should consider asking this one as your priority question with your provider and also make sure that they backup all your data not only QuickBooks files.
4 Remote printing: This is an important part of working on remote server, most of accountant whenever they want to prints their file from server to their local printer and  they do not able to print their files because hosting provider’s printing services doesn’t start or does not support their local or networked printers, so make sure everything work fine before you sign up for paid subscription.


QuickBooks Hosting: Why it is in favorite list of all QuickBooks users.

QuickBooks is leading software for financial management; it helps small and medium size business to manage inventory, payroll and other accounting tasks and it is available in multiple versions and editions. QuickBooks has very rich features for all kind of businesses; users can select desired edition and versions according to the nature of their business, it also allows you handle large usage with more volume features including business tools, merchant services, product and supplies etc. The QuickBooks software launches every year with upgraded version and edition according to businesses and their needs. It is a very beneficial for all kinds of businesses who are looking for manage their accounting job. QuickBooks is available in to versions one is QuickBooks Desktop and another is QuickBooks online version. QuickBooks online is a cloud based software that can be purchased on monthly basis from intuit but this version of QB is not full featured version, it has some limitations, but the other version QuickBooks desktop version which is very robust but offline you can install it on your local computer and enjoy all its rich features.
The advantage of QuickBooks desktop version is that you can still install it on your location computer and use the all the available features and this version of software can also be accessed online through hosting the software on cloud provider’s servers; this is the biggest advantage of this robust software. Once you host the software on server with hosting companies it becomes a very powerful tool for your accounting management, here are some of the advantages of hosted QuickBooks version.

Advantage of QuickBooks Hosting:
QuickBooks hosting allow users or businesses to anytime access from home, office or on the road. This means that you can access your financial information from anywhere anytime through internet. QuickBooks Hosting also support all kinds of devices to access the cloud resources such as, Windows PCs, MAC, iPhone, Smartphones and Tablets PCs. With QuickBooks hosting you do not worry about technical support, QuickBooks hosting provider supply 24x7x365 days free technical support. Using QuickBooks cloud hosting you will have peace of mind because all your essential data are being backed up through daily scheduled backups. There are some reasons you can notice, how QuickBooks hosing is popular? ..............

Multi- User Access:  If more than one user wants to access their QuickBooks remotely, for a variety of reasons and one or more staff wants to access cloud server from different locations, or an accountant needs access to their company financial information, then QuickBooks hosting is a best solution to their needs.
Instant Connectivity: With hosted QuickBooks, the application are installed on high speed cloud servers and users can access without getting behind, users could have same hassle free experience on remote server as they experience on their local computers.
24x7 Free Technical Support:  As we believe that strong support is the backbone of every business operations, most of the hosting companies promise to their customers to have a reliable 24x7 technical support through industry expert who are trained to handle troubleshooting and fix the issue via email, chat, phone and remote request support.
Remote Access connection: Using QuickBooks cloud hosting technology you do not need to stay in office on regular basis to complete the financial work. You can easily access your remote server from any corner of the world because QuickBooks hosting server run 24x7 without any issues.

QuickBooks Add-ons: QucikBooks hosting support all QuickBooks Add-ons software which will optimize the power of QuickBooks. The Add-ons can help small and mid-size of businesses with everything from fine-tuning strategy and automating aspects of inventory management. Here is some of the QuickBooks add-ons list that every business must consider on:
ACC Titave
Smart Vault
Bill Quik
Method CRM
Data Transfer Utility
Fishbowl Inventory

Quickbooks Cloud Hosting: The Best Way to Increase Your Business Value

The concept of QuickBooks cloud hosting is very popular and offered by the hosting provider companies to the CPAs, Bookkeeper or individual users. Its allow users to access their data file from any corner of the world. Adopting the QuickBooks cloud hosting, users can work and access their accounting resources from anywhere anytime, you will not be obliged to stay in the office to complete the important work. Additionally user can shake off from traditionally local desktop hosting and take enjoy with QuickBooks cloud hosting. You can save your time, reduce IT cost and feel better work experience walking through this new amazing technology. Thus due to 24x7 availability and accessibility the business value can be grow on the top position.
Once you decide to shift on cloud platform instead of local hosting, the hosting provider fulfill all required infrastructure and technical support for the QuickBooks software. The service provider take care all of the technical issues and they are 24x7 open to their help desk support for any technical assistance. Thus the user never needs to spend extra amount in maintaining the software and technical support.
These are the hosting facilities which offered by the hosting provider:

Manage IT Infrastructure: After submitting the QuickBooks hosting request, hosting provider set up your application on cloud server, it might be take some time (2-3 hours or less, depends on the technology they are using) because the procedure of setting up a cloud server includes: operating system installation, windows configuration, installation of anti-virus, firewall setting and security setting configuration. Once the server is ready they will send the logging details to your email.
Migrating Data on Cloud Server: There is always a doubt, how to upload data from local computer to cloud server and cloud server to local computer?  But don’t worry about that. The cloud servers are very users friendly; it redirects all your local drives of your computer to the server and makes them available on the remote server. You may use copy and paste or drag and drop option to put data files on cloud server. For any reason if you not able to do that, then you may ask with your service provider and they set up FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer computer files from one host to another host.
Regular Server Update: To improve efficiency and better security, window update is most require. The hosting provider always installs important updates on server as they become available.
Data Backup: The service provider protect your data with their daily backup solutions and ensure it is available if your data goes corrupt or loss, and/or any other type of natural disaster.
24x7 Technical Support: Most of the hosting provider have own experienced technical support engineers team certified by MCSE, RHCE and CISCO certification, who can resolve all the technical issues within its time frame.
Print Documents from Anywhere Anytime: The QuickBooks cloud hosting provider uses     universal printing solution to enable you to print your files, invoice, and checks using your local or network printers from any location or computer.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: Accessible via Smartphones, iPhone and Tablets.

Now a days accountant or bookkeeper demand for anywhere anytime access to their Quickbooks database from any devices likes smartphones, tablets, iPads, PCs and laptops without any physical or device constraints. Since few years QuickBooks has been more flexible and responsive on different kinds of devices to access the financial records. In this most competitive time, when the businesses need high attention to get the goal and success, these system can play an important role to fulfill their achievement. Most of the accountant who want to access the application all the time even if they are have roaming around or while walking on the road, using cloud hosting technologies they can access their database via phones or tablets without any problem if they have better internet connections and signal. To increase the productivity, many professionals have started using multiple devices such as phones, tablets PCs to access their accounting system and it would be great for mobile users to have their QuickBooks in their hands while walking on the road and Cloud Quickbooks Hosting helps them to achieve this.
QuickBooks cloud Hosting is a very popular technologies among the accounting professionals where the most important accounting program is hosted on the cloud platform to give them many benefit likes: anytime anywhere accessibility, affordable pricing, security, availability with data backup feature etc. Currently most of the phone are manufacturing with high configuration and support many features to access the remote hosting application; these changes are quickly adopted by accounting world too. If you are QuickBooks accounting professional and want to access your database via cloud, you must have to host your data on the cloud with any cloud hosting provider. Many QuickBooks Hosting Providers allow to you use these technology in affordable price with 24x7 technical support. The hosted applications are available wherever you go, in your office or in home.
There are some shorts of cons of the cloud feature over smart devices, here are some:
The maximum usage of the cloud technology needs high attentions to get a whole availability of any cloud hosted resources. Smartphones and tablets devices are very volatile, and we need to have more strategy to manage in safer side if we have very much dependency on it. These mobile devices are highly dynamic and they mostly update in their respective technologies and there will always be doubt of the compatibility. To avoid these downside, we should always be update with the changes of our devices and their operating systems.

Remote QuickBooks Access: Method of availability from anywhere anytime.

QuickBooks Hosting service allow you to work with your QuickBooks accounting software from anywhere anytime, it also enables people and organization to gain access to their QuickBooks company files everywhere through a web-based or remote desktop connection. With QuickBooks hosting an ASP keeps this program, as well as your files, in their own data centers by themselves at high speed servers

If your work ever requires you and your employees to work from the outdoor of the office, being able to view QuickBooks while working at home or traveling. You most likely take some kind of remote access option to have the choice of focusing on your files anywhere besides your projects desk.

You may find fallowing fundamental possibilities to gain access to your company files form outside of your office:

QB Online Edition: QuickBooks online edition is different than the desktop version of QuickBooks, and contains some important restrictions. As with other remote access options, QB online edition enables you to access everywhere as lengthy as you are attached to the internet-however. QB Online Edition does not include all the features provided by the desktop QuickBooks, that mean you may possibly not have what you actually need, in addition, on the internet QuickBooks is operate on Intuit’s server, meaning high-traffic on the website can result in reduced response time, in case of online connection or Intuit’s server goes lower, then you may face a real trouble of being able to access your company files.

Remote Access Tools: When you are going to search “remote access tools” online, and after connect to different companies through their link offering downloadable software that enables you to definitely remotely access your own computer online, but it has some potential issues:

·        A remote access tools make the procedure very slow because access speed would depend both upon the host computer (which is normally your office pc) speed and your local computer speed (the computer from you are accessing the application).

·        According to security issues it’s not very much reliable because you need to leave your office pc up and running while you are not there or else you will not have ability to access your files, which could raise some security issues.

·         With one of these programs you’re being able to access the whole host computer, not only QuickBooks, meaning other people whom you let it sign in remotely may have full use of everything on your pc(including your important file and even your personal emails) this again rise a serious security concern.

QuickBooks Hosting: With this remote access option you will keeps all QuickBooks program, add-ons, and files are maintained about the hosting company’s servers. QuickBooks hosting enables you to work with your QuickBooks from anywhere anytime, without requiring to depart your pc on, and you could also customized the access rights to every user, it’s making multi-person access simple, easy and secure.

With QB hosting you get anytime anywhere access, which means you can access the software even from desktops where the software has not been installed too. If this is not enough then you get a far better control over who can have access to the files just by telling your (ASP)  Quickbooks Hosting Services Provider. QB hosting also provides simultaneous access to multiple users from anywhere and anytime.

Cost effective: It is really too much cost effective because end user organizations get free and unlimited technical support. End user organizations have to pay only for the resources that they use. Installation and running costs are met by the host. By placing IT task in the hands of a QuickBooks hosting service provider, a company shift the burden placed on its own Information Technology staff, and hence, its Information Technology staff can get fully focused on business jobs.

Free technical support: Most of the ASPs provide free 24x7 technical supports for your business, that mean no investment in local technical involvement.